FRIGOBLOCK Connectivity

Connected Solutions

Multimodal remote temperature monitoring systems

Our remote temperature control solutions introduce greater visibility, remote monitoring, and proactive control into your day-to-day operations:


track vehicle and cargo regardless of location

as standard

demonstrate the condition of any load in transit


gives you the power to react to any new challenge

A complete portfolio of Connected Solutions products


Turning data into practical intelligence

With Connected Solutions comes the promise of smarter fleet operations. These are technologies designed to generate intelligence on the events and values that matter most to your operation – from door openings and ambient temperatures to  driver behaviours.

Putting this data to work gives you the ability to track and trace the condition of individual deliveries across your extended fleet. As a result you’ll be able to demonstrate temperature levels to meet any regulatory requirements, and respond instantly to potential problems.

Stand yourself out from the competition

Thermo King’s Connected Solutions portfolio offers innovative data storage, transfer and management solutions to give you a competitive edge in the transport of temperature sensitive cargoes, regulatory conformity, fleet usage, and data control.

Installing remote temperature control solutions

There are 2 options to install Connected Solutions into your FRIGOBLOCK unit: activating your new TK BlueBox and retrofitting TK BlueBox in your existing FRIGOBLOCK unit.

1. activating TK BlueBox

TK  BlueBox is installed together with your Frigoblock unit. In 4 easy steps, you can enjoy Connected Solutions.

Choose your package from our portfolio.

E-mail your nearest dealer.

Your dealer will activate your TK BlueBox from his own office.

Enjoy remote temperature control solutions on Thermo King’s platform (or a platform of your choice)

2. Other units: retrofitting TK BlueBox

In Frigoblock’s other units, a retrofit is necessary to install TK BlueBox.

E-mail your nearest dealer for an appointment.

Bring in your unit.

Your dealer will install TK BlueBox in less than half a day.

Enjoy remote temperature control solutions on Thermo King’s platform (or a platform of your choice)

Connected Innovation: TracKing™

TracKing is a GPRS/GPS temperature and asset management system that provides you with visibility of different loads from a desktop, tablet, or smartphone.

Once activated you’ll have real-time temperature, location, and alarms information on your refrigerated fleet 24/7 – alongside dashboards and an extensive set of reports.

Armed with such information, you’ll be able to increase fleet efficiency and significantly reduce the potential for cargo loss.

Connected Thinking: TK Reefer App

To help improve the level of real-time intelligence available to fleet managers on the condition of their refrigeration equipment, Thermo King has introduced the TK BlueBox.

This is a system that comes as an option for all Frigoblock truck and trailer units and offers the raw data needed to help you improve both fleet efficiency and the quality of delivered cargo.

To access the data, you only need the TK Reefer app, which is a free of charge app that enables remote Bluetooth connectivity to your Frigoblock unit.

Why your customers would choose us too


track and trace solutions

Real-time access

to load temperatures out on the road

Information and alerts 

on the condition of individual cargoes

Visibility of key operational metrics 

and driver behaviour

Integrated support 

from international dealer network


Thermo King’s TracKing is an innovative, easy to use GPRS/GPS system that gives perishable goods transporters visibility of their assets from their desktops. Having real time temperature, location and alarms information on their refrigerated fleets increases their operational efficiency and reduces incidences of cargo loss. TracKing allows them to guarantee product integrity and on-time delivery to customers.

The TracKing device offers direct connection to any Frigoblock/Thermo King controller and datalogger to access critical information on the asset and on the load. And the intuitive multilingual web interface provides operations managers and logistic coordinators visibility and traceability through the cold chain with dashboards and extensive set of reports.

Temperature Management

For load protection and peace of mind manage all your refrigeration unit parameters from the comfort of your desktop. TracKing™ offers you accurate temperature monitoring to maintain your cargo at its best.

Optimum temperature management to ensure top quality product delivery through

Regular update (up to every 5 minutes) on unit sensors and logger sensors to compare air temperature versus Set Point.

Out of range temperature monitoring with real time alarm.

Modify the temperature settings by changing remotely the Set Point.

Reefer Management

For increased operational efficiency and reduce the risk of cargo loss TracKing™ allows you to manage and interacts with your Thermo King reefer unit.

You can review and change your refrigeration unit settings from the TracKing website when your truck is on the road.

Lower service costs and unit downtime through:
  • Regular update (up to every 5 minutes) on unit running mode, operating mode, running hours, battery voltage, door status.
  • Real time unit shutdown alarm notification via e-mail or SMS.
  • Theft prevention with door opening alerts.
  • Download over the air of your EN12830 Datalogger to archive your historical temperature data
Remote control of the refrigeration unit with 2-way communication:
  • Turn the unit On /Off
  • Clear unit alarms

To access the data, you only need the TK Reefer app that enables remote Bluetooth® connectivity to your Frigoblock nit.

Vehicle TracKing

TracKing offers real time and historical data on your vehicles positions so you can better manage your fleet and maintain high service levels for your customers.

  • Accurate location of your fleet at all times on a map
  • Increased cargo security through asset visibility at street level
  • Locate Frigoblock/Thermo King Dealers easily on a map for service support
  • Monitor vehicle routes by replaying journey on a map
  • Geo-fence functionality to monitor entry and exit of a specific area

Data Sharing

The TracKing™ solution is a flexible system that can easily integrate data into any 3rd party website or back-end system.

Thanks to the web service developed, the data integration via TracKing is straightforward and seamless.

The Tracking server can be then contacted any time to request the data gathering by any device.

Mobile Apps

Get Notified in Realtime with TK Notify

No more SMS‘s or emails, have all you TracKing notification in one screen via TK Notify.

TK Notify allows you to subscribe to and manage your notifications. You decide which events you wish to be notified of, subscribe and you will be alerted. Each notification comes with additional information on your truck/trailer and cargo at the time the event occurred.

You are equipped to make the right decision.

TK Notify: Tracking Notifications how and when you want them!

Lease Assist

Insight into all your refrigerated units with just one click

Lease Assist is the Connected Solutions consolidated view that helps leasing and rental companies manage their Frigoblock temperature refrigeration units. Log in online to check availability, trigger (de)activation, consult alarm logs, and deliver superior service to your clients.

Save precious time

thanks to the operational features of an integrated platform

Gain advanced insights

into your units’ status and performance 

Bill more accurately

through automated reporting of running hours

Key operational capabilities

Lease Assist helps you manage your customers by letting you activate, pause and conclude your refrigeration units’ leasing or rental agreements with a single click.

All your units in one view

Whether they’re on the road, in the yard or ready-to-lease/rent – Lease Assist shows you the status of your units. This screen allows you to reply faster and more accurately to client requests. Lease Assist also offers more advanced insights. You can filter unit information by customer or by alarm severity to see:

  • Unit status
  • Customer name
  • Alternator hours
  • Mains hours
  •  Total hours
  •  Vehicle name
  •  Alarms & notifications
Stop manually checking running hours

The online platform shows running hours per client and gives you the possibility to download this information as a .pdf, .xlsx or .docx file. Use the resulting action report to analyze actual usage and develop a more accurate billing process.  

Keep a close eye on your units

Lease Assist shows you alarm codes for each unit. As a result, you can assess the short- and long-term health of each TRU and offer the right support to your clients, at the right time. Export this view into Excel to enable easy information-sharing.

Trickle-down benefits

The powerful telematics capabilities of Connected Solutions feed Lease Assist with the data you need to truly understand your clients’ operations. Translate those insights into concrete actions by:

Checking frequent alarm codes and proactively suggesting next steps

Predicting end-of-life and taking the necessary actions to avoid downtime

Set up custom alarm notification and have these delivered via TK Notify or email

Thirsty for more? Lease Assist also gives you access to the 2-way command history of all your units. The information, however, is limited and strictly meant for leasing and rental companies.1

1 If you or your client would like to enjoy the complete logs of 2-way commands, your client will need their own TracKing subscription.

TK BlueBox required

For units to be featured on Lease Assist, they need to be equipped with a TK BlueBox. These are factory-fitted in all FK2 units and available as an option for other Frigoblock units.


Thermo King’s TouchLog is a temperature monitoring device – suitable for use with all temperature-controlled equipment. TouchLog is an innovative data logger with advanced features to respond to multiple needs. The main focus is on accurate readings, flexible export options and an intuitive interface.

according to EN12830

Following the highest food transport standards

Unprecedented connectivity

Track and trace your cargo with TracKing

of 0.5K

Means fewer rejected loads

Key features of TouchLog
  • User-friendly touch screen thanks to its icon-based navigation
  • High-speed thermal printer tabular and graph printout
  • Large flash memory saving 1 year of data
  • Access via TracKing platform for full visibility of your cargo’s temperature condition
  • Receive temperature out-of-range alerts to act immediately
  • Modular design can be inserted in IP65 box, your dashboard, or standard radio DIN slot