A high-performance alternator is directly driven by the vehicle engine. The alternator supplies electricity with minimal energy transfer losses. The power generated is transferred to the full electric unit via an inverter. The inverter modulates the current so that the electric motors for the compressor and fans can operate with optimum control and efficiency. Consequently, these units rotate at a frequency that depends on the speed of the truck engine. When supplied from the electric mains, the speeds are constant due to the constant frequency of 50 Hz. Our innovative alternator drive is compact, light-weight, low noise, low emission and highly reliable with very few moving parts. In addition, you benefit from extremely low operating costs thanks to a market-leading operating efficiency of 96%. In the case of a HV e-truck, the electricity is supplied by the battery pack.


Advanced design means you can enjoy a choice of operating profiles, while also benefiting from reduced energy consumption and increased service life. Inverter technology allows cooling capacity and temperature control to be optimized regardless of vehicle engine speed, while also making rapid unit start-up a useful bonus. Flexibility and choice: choose the operating profile that best suits your cargo, your customer and your location: Lowest noise, lowest energy consumption or highest cooling capacity. Innovative use of our inverter system means reduced energy requirement, improved load quality and longer component life.