Focused on improving our environment – and your bottom line

FRIGOBLOCK transport refrigeration units are designed and engineered to be the most sustainable systems on the market. Our commitment to exceeding all current environmental regulations ensures that our units are also future-proofed. The secret is in the concept: having no engine to provide emissions, using low GWP refrigerant, reducing CO2 by 50% and meeting all LEZ requirements are all important both for our customers and our environment. As more and more cities across Europe implement Low Emission Zones, distributors within urban areas can struggle to keep up. FRIGOBLOCK units are designed to ensure that your refrigeration unit is not just compliant with today’s standards, but that you can keep on delivering, hassle-free, for years to come, wherever you are.

Future Readiness

Future-proof technology that goes above and beyond regulations

By installing a FRIGOBLOCK unit, you will be investing in technology that can be adapted to all leading vehicle designs and has future vehicle compatibility, whether the power source is LNG, CNG or electric. Our commitment to future-proofing our range even extends to the ability to fit our products to Hydrogen propelled trucks, a developing technology that FRIGOBLOCK has already had success with. Most importantly, a fleet equipped with Frigoblock technology sends out a powerful customer message, that you, like them, have a firm commitment to sustainable operation, through reduced CO2 emissions and noise pollution in our cities.

Innovation that’s years ahead of the curve

Our commitment to future-proofing our range and supporting technology to reduce emissions ensures that FRIGOBLOCK units are fully mountable on E-Trucks. A direct connection to the same battery that powers the E-Truck ensures that no additional components are required and installation is simple and cost effective. Better still, this configuration offers the same cooling capacity as alternator or diesel-powered solutions.


Flexible delivery for the most challenging tasks

Distribution in urban areas is perhaps the ultimate test of a refrigeration unit. Multiple stops, door openings and a variety of loads with differing temperature requirements can challenge any technology. When we couple this with the restrictions of LEZs and noise restrictions, a real challenge is created. Luckily, FRIGOBLOCK’s solutions provide the flexibility to carry almost any combination of temperature controlled goods in one vehicle: Fresh, frozen and dry goods can all be kept at optimum temperature for perfect delivery to multiple customers. Perfect for ‘last mile’ distribution, FRIGOBLOCK also helps you to save fuel, reduce the number of vehicles on the road and do it all silently.