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Frigoblock looked ahead at IAA 2022

Did you attend IAA Transportation 2022 in Hannover? If not, you missed one of the most exciting new all-electric refrigeration expos of the year. In the stand indoors, you could find the FK2 and brand new design of the EK unit. However, outside the FK 25i could be found, a real treat for lovers of sustainable innovation.

Outside, we presented two trucks equipped with the FK25i. A full electric truck showcased the FK25i’s futureproof plug-and-play design and our Demo Truck offered a view of the FK25i on a standard vehicle.

For those visitors not just looking for full electric cooling units, but curious about fully electric vehicles, Daimler Trucks showcased their brand new eActros. A real vision of the future of transportation. And, of course, fully equipped with a FK25i!

In short, IAA showcased the electric wave in full swing. From the cold chain to the rest of the transport and logistics industry, sustainable innovations were everywhere. And Frigoblock was right at the front of this movement, spearheading the drive towards all-electric cooling as we have done for the last 40 years.

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