The cold chain and other refrigerated transport services have a position of great responsibility in today’s society. They touch nearly every industry you rely on in your day-to-day life. Fresh vegetables and exotic fruits, smartphones, cars, and life-saving insulin… are all possible because of temperature-controlled transport.

In other words, investing in the global cold chain is non-negotiable. The effects of poor or insufficient refrigeration can have far-reaching and often dire consequences.

The importance of sustainable refrigeration

The importance of a well-functioning global cold chain is clear. But there is another factor to consider: the climate crisis. Research has shown how important it is to invest in sustainable technologies and reduce the environmental impact of temperature-controlled transport.

The cold chain uses 15% of global fossil fuel energy. Vapor compression refrigerated units release carbon emissions in addition to the usual emissions from internal combustion engine vehicles. These carbon dioxide emissions can comprise around 40% of a vehicle’s total emissions.

To protect public and planetary health, governments have implemented rules and regulations. These rules include Zero-Emission Zones and bans on polluting vehicles or harmful gases. The logistics industry has to face these challenges head-on.

An innovative and efficient cold chain is crucial for a greener, better, and more equal world.

FRIGOBLOCK’s dedication to sustainable development

Frigoblock believes in a better way of cooling. It was the first company to introduce a fuel-efficient, all-electric portfolio. We offer highly energy-efficient vehicle-driven refrigeration units, which strongly lower the money you spend on fuel. This is thanks to our patented alternator technology, which has a high energy-efficient rate.

That belief in a better, more sustainable cold chain is still with us and we continue chasing efficiency. We research natural refrigerants and other more environmentally friendly, low global warming potential refrigerants.

Our FK25i brings fleet managers all the benefits of an all-electric driven refrigeration unit. The electrically driven cooling unit radically lowers your truck’s carbon emissions and reduces fuel consumption. On top of that, it has many other benefits:

  • Inverter-controlled unit for the highest energy efficiency and lowest fuel consumption.
  • Internal evaporators for multi-temperature capabilities.
  • Low-noise and energy-saving mode for maximal last-mile access
  • Maximum cargo payload due to lightweight construction.

Future-proof cooling units

The industry is changing from petrol or diesel to alternative sources, like LNG, CNG, or all-electric power. We worked to ensure that our units are compatible with the latest and upcoming innovations. We have already seen great success with hydrogen-propelled trucks, a developing technology.

Investing in a FRIGOBLOCK unit is a long-term investment for your fleet’s future.This is the promise offered by Frigoblock. To learn more about our retail solutions, explore our products here:

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