FK 2

Sustainable Unit

Worry free
in the city

FRIGOBLOCK introduces FK2, the next generation of electric transport cooling for urban deliveries. Fully electric, engine-free cooling that allows you to go worry free in the city with reduced emissions, noise and fuel consumption whilst data insights help you to optimise every delivery. The future of the Last Mile is already here.

FK2 –

Brand new architecture

Compared to diesel units, FRIGOBLOCK’s 100% electric units already required less maintenance, but that didn’t stop us from going even further. The FK2’s revolutionary new design introduces unrivalled cooling capacity with industry-leading built-in intelligence.

Deliver more:

Go green
with FK2

If LEZ’s and noise restrictions aren’t impacting your routes already, they soon will. FRIGOBLOCK’s clean cooling technology doesn’t just help you meet the urban challenges of today and tomorrow- It also saves you money and saves the planet emissions. 

Think ahead with FRIGOBLOCK’s efficient, 100% electric transport refrigeration technology. 

  • High refrigeration capacity 
  • Up to 50% less fuel consumption
  • Environmentally compatible refrigerant R410A
  • Low noise with option for high speed mode

Technology For
More Uptime

FRIGOBLOCK’s proven cooling technology works just like an electric generator. The alternator is integrated into your truck’s belt drive so that it begins generating electricity as soon as the truck’s engine starts up. 

It’s an easy and efficient method of powering engine-free refrigeration units and requires less maintenance than more complex diesel units.

For FK2 we went one step further and added a new pressure control valve to improve reliability and a re-designed interior giving easy access for maintenance: even if you won’t need it often. 

Track your
cargo 24/7

FK2 is the first FRIGOBLOCK unit equipped with BlueBox (Thermo King’s telematics hardware), giving you data-driven insights and 2 way communication wherever you are.

Thermo King’s Connected Solutions allow you to generate intelligence on the metrics that matter most to your fleet. From door openings and ambient temperature to fuel consumption and driver behaviour. 

Rely on data to optimise your operations and respond instantly to the unexpected.    

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