EK Whisper Pro

A low-noise,
all-electric Frigoblock
undermount unit

whisper-quiet refrigeration

Just because a refrigerated vehicle isn’t running its engine doesn’t mean it’s not making noise. Plugged into the grid or operating on the road, EK Whisper Pro makes sure your temperature-controlled fleet is PIEK compliant.

From pre-cooling to late-night and last-mile deliveries, the all-electric refrigeration unit keeps your business running smoothly and your cargo safe.

Compact and

The EK Whisper Pro was designed to be as compact as possible, to minimize the amount of space it takes up under your vehicle’s chassis. Thanks to an all-new, more robust design with easy access to the internal components, maintenance is easier than ever. You don’t need a barrier to protect the unit, so you get better airflow and higher cooling performance.

Control the noise

Thanks to Frigoblock’s full inverter control, your delivery drivers can adjust noise levels and refrigeration capacity as needed. The unit automatically switches to low-noise mode during Piek-Keur defined delivery times and in standby operation, but those ‘ultra-low noise times’ are fully customizable and can be extended in real time.

Start on the motorways but end on busy city streets? Adjust your noise levels as needed, straight from the cabin-installed HMI interface.


Last-mile deliveries mean multiple stops and frequent door openings before reaching your final destination. The EK Whisper Pro has a high cooling capacity, so you can recover temperature quickly between stops. The fans and evaporators can run at full speed to ensure optimal performance, without increasing the unit’s noise.

As always, FRIGOBLOCK helps save money. Thanks to FRIGOBLOCK’s highly fuel-efficient inverter technology, you will see lower fuel consumption and reduce your last-mile delivery costs.

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