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Inspiring loyalty

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Inspiring loyalty in Frigoblock customers

If there’s one thing Frigoblock aims to deliver, it’s quality. And it is precisely that quality that ensures customers stick with Frigoblock units when the time comes to renew their refrigeration infrastructure, even in a market as diverse as this one.

The effect on your bottom line

So, what is it about Frigoblock’s units that inspires such customer loyalty? Simply put the proven track record of the units. Compared to other options, customers routinely stick with Frigoblock because of the product’s superior performance and durability. But it’s easy to make claims like that. Let’s explore the powerful Frigoblock technology that keeps customers so loyal.

In an industry like ours, ROI is a term that dictates many of your purchasing decisions. And when it comes to refrigeration units we understand that you’ll have to operate your units for a long time to see that ROI. It depends on fuel consumption, efficiency and maintaining cargo integrity. All those factors are what make a fleet manager’s job so complicated. But, even with all that kept in mind, customers understand that, with Frigoblock unit’s reliability, their units will last them for much longer and guarantee that ROI.


A big part of this performance is the efficiency of Frigoblock’s patented electric drive. With this alternator technology, you reap the benefits of full-electric refrigeration powered by the vehicle’s engine. This system has some powerful benefits for the customer:

  • Sustainable cooling: The alternator technology means your vehicle’s engines power your cooling. This results in your fleet running half the number of engines, dramatically lowering your carbon footprint
  • High efficiency: Of course, running half the engines has another critical upside: an immediate, substantial decrease in your fuel bill. The vehicle’s engine drives the high-performance alternator, and thanks to its market-leading operating efficiency of 96%, there is minimal energy transfer loss.
  • Quiet: The third benefit of this alternator technology is low noise. The refrigeration unit doesn’t run its own engine, which means it’s quiet.
  • Reliability: Frigoblock’s hard-wearing materials and few moving parts mean its units and internal technology are highly reliable and robust.


Of course, a highly efficient unit won’t do you much good if it doesn’t perform. But if there’s one thing Frigoblock units can deliver, it’s high performance:

  • Fast temperature recovery: For transporters of fresh and frozen produce, fast pulldown is key. Every minute that a refrigerated truck is not at temperature is a minute that risks compromising your cargo. Frigoblock customers know that FB units will drop down to temperature incredibly fast, thus protecting cargo and ensuring profit, especially on routes with multiple stops.
  • Tight temperature control: After the unit reaches temperature, it is imperative that they remain at temperature. Customers know they can depend on Frigoblock units for tight temperature control, so their goods stay protected.
  • Future proof: Frigoblock’s plug-and-play architecture ensures that your refrigeration unit will fit your fleet for many years down the line, whether that fleet remains diesel driven or joins the transition to fully electric vehicles. With Frigoblock, customers know that their refrigeration units will be with them whatever the future brings.
  • Flexibility: Frigoblock units offer single- and multi-temp configurations, meaning you can fully customise your fleet to maximise asset utilization.

Service Network

It is precisely that unrivalled performance and efficiency that keeps clients coming back to Frigoblock again and again. But it’s not the only reason. Another benefit of choosing Frigoblock is the access to Thermo King’s service network. The dealer network doesn’t just mean a close relationship with a dealer that understands your needs, it also means immediate access to top-trained repair and maintenance services, whenever and wherever you need them.

With up to now over 40,000 full electric units in service, no other manufacturer has more experience, a wider product portfolio or a more extensive service network.

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