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Fuel Saver Calculator

Fuel prices are always a hot topic in the transport industry. Right now, they’re top of every fleet owner’s priorities. The drive to lower CO2 emissions is also inherently linked to fuel consumption. With these factors in mind it’s no surprise that, when thinking about investing in new units, you’ll want to verify any claims to fuel efficiency and savings.

FRIGOBLOCK’s efficient all-electric cooling units are a great solution for any fleet looking to invest in cutting fuel use and emissions.

That fuel efficiency on its own, is a powerful argument at a time when some operators have seen costs almost double. However, with reduced consumption also comes reduced emissions. In a climate of ever-tightening legislation, that gives you a further powerful argument for FRIGOBLOCK’s units. What’s more, they’re compliant with all LEZ and noise legislation guaranteeing access to city centres for last mile deliveries.

Take an informed decision

A large investment in new cooling units is always a big decision. That’s even more true now with fuel prices and sustainability creating more pressures for fleets. At FRIGOBLOCK, we want to give customers all the facts so they can choose the best product for them. That’s why we’ve introduced the Fuel Saver Calculator. An online tool that takes the guesswork out of calculating lifetime operating costs.

The process of calculating fuel savings for a FRIGOBLOCK product begins on our product website where you can get an initial calculation, giving an idea of the potential value to your fleet. For a more detailed calculation, you can directly contact FRIGOBLOCK or a local dealer. They have the tools to build you a detailed model of fuel economies and tonnes of CO2 saved over the lifetime of every product in the FRIGOBLOCK range.

Walk the walk

Offering future-proof, efficient units that help cut fuel bills is one thing. Being able to see how that performance translates into accelerated return on investment, lower emissions and savings versus competing units at a glance is quite another!

In short, the Fuel Saver Calculator gives you all the information you need to make an informed, sustainable decision. Contact your dealer today for a personal calculation!