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Explore the e-zone

Together with Thermo King, Frigoblock brought a message of sustainability and optimism to Solutrans 2023, one of the biggest transport events of the year, held in Lyon.

Delivering on a Sustainable Promise

At this year’s Solutrans, Thermo King and Frigoblock once again showcased our commitment to sustainable cooling. To bring this commitment to life, we created the ‘E-zone’.

The E-zone represented our drive to do better. To fully utilize the latest technologies in both our fuel and electric product offerings so that we can offer you the best, most effective, and most sustainable refrigeration technology available on the market.

Frigoblock’s FK 2

Among the units and technologies showcased was the FK 2, Frigoblock’s latest sustainable unit. This all-electric, engine-free unit is the next generation of electric transport cooling for urban deliveries. With less noise, reduced emissions, and less maintenance, it is the ideal solution for your last-mile deliveries.

Additionally, the FK 2 is also the first Frigoblock unit equipped with Thermo King’s telematics hardware, BlueBox. This telematic technology gives you peace of mind, lets you gather data and insights, allows you to track your deliveries, and responds instantly to the unexpected.

A vision for the future

Finally, the booth, operated by both Thermo King and Frigoblock makes clear that both operations are a united front. Those running fleets equipped with Frigoblock technology can count on the support of the full Thermo King dealer network. They can also take advantage of the many Thermo King services and solutions.

This includes the brand-new Max Your Cool offering, introduced at Solutrans. Max your Cool is Thermo King’s broad portfolio of performance-enhancing solutions and services. This offering ranges from auxiliary battery packs to dedicated service contracts. With Max Your Cool, you can be sure you’ll find something to maximize your uptime, savings, sustainability, and control, whether your fleet uses Frigoblock or Thermo King refrigeration units.

Whatever your fleet needs, Thermo King and Frigoblock are ready to help you succeed.