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We’ve heard the words ‘electrification wave’ thrown around for a while now. From legislators to demands from the public and customers to the undeniable need for climate action, electric vehicles are the way of the future. But much of the effort to electrify our transport has been focused on personal vehicles. The transport industry has received much less attention, and the cold chain is often the last thing people think of. Yet, switching from engine-powered transportation cooling units (TRU) to all-electric units is a significant step towards the net-zero goal of many transportation companies.

FRIGOBLOCK has been a proponent of electric refrigeration since its inception. We pioneered a remarkably efficient alternator that allows an all-electric, engineless unit to be powered by the vehicle’s engine, rather than running on its own fuel, effectively slashing the amount of fuel consumed in half. This not only radically lowers the vehicle’s CO2 emissions but also has a large impact on the bottom line, by reducing fuel costs.

But of course, we’ve not rested on our laurels. Throughout the years, we’ve continued to improve upon our technology, making our units ever more efficient and reliable. And as the industry has evolved and demands have changed, our technology has changed to meet and anticipate those demands. Today, in the midst of the electrification wave, other requirements are coming to the forefront as well. Our long history and experience in electrification empower us to lead the way. Not just doing electrification, but doing more with electrification.

The latest iteration of that dedication is the award-winning FK25i series, filled with everything your fleet could need. The unit is fit for rigid trucks and is the most efficient rigid unit from FRIGOBLOCK to date. The fully engineless unit dramatically cuts down the vehicle’s emissions, helping companies bridge the last mile and play into the increase in pharma-deliveries, the rise of e-commerce and quick commerce. Fleets that want to drive their sustainability, even more, need not fear investing in the FK25i. FRIGOBLOCK units are designed with the future in mind and is fully compatible with electric vehicles or alternative fuels like biofuel.

In short, the electrification wave is rolling steadily forward, and FRIGOBLOCK has been there from the start. With decades of experience at our back, we look beyond the obvious and are ready to elevate your fleet in every aspect possible, from performance to sustainability, to the bottom line.

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