Cost Savings

What makes Frigoblock’s cooling technology so cost-efficient?
It’s the unique mix of smart design choices, clean and efficient electric solutions plus the power of Frigoblock inverter technology.

Small changes, big results

Smart design
that saves space

With its compact size, our external evaporator provides up to 2.5 m3 more effective loading space. Our hydraulic tilting mechanism with only 30mm clearance to the driver’s cab reduces the total height of the body by about 30 cm. This means less body surface exposed to wind resistance, lowering fuel consumption. Furthermore, the lower the body height, the lower the amount of warm air that enters the loading space when the doors are opened, reducing the exposure of heat-sensitive surfaces and energy usage.

Making the switch
to electric

Fill in your total fuel consumption per year to get an estimate on how much fuel you could save by switching to Frigoblock.


That’s what you’ll save

Less fuel = less emissions = less costs.

With a 0,2l/kW refrigeration capacity per hour, alternator refrigeration units consume up to 50% less fuel than diesel refrigeration units, emitting over 50% less CO2 in total. Our inverter technology, in combination with large heat exchange surfaces, a 2-step refrigeration circuit and a 4-way heat pump defrost function, further reduce CO2 emissions.

The power of inverter technology

When a truck engine speeds up, the rotary frequency of the alternator usually also increases. To maintain constant refrigeration capacity and reduce losses, we use Inverter Technology. The variable speed control of the truck engine enables compressors and fan motors to operate at a low but constant speed at the optimal load points. As a result, noise emissions are low, electric units have low loss rates and component life is extended.


Do you want to see this technology in action? Discover our entire range. With transport cooling solutions for rigids, semi-trailers, multi-compartment trucks and much more.

FrigoBlock Connectivity

Connected Solutions is a technology by Thermo King designed to deliver information that matters to you. Putting this data to work gives you the ability to track and trace individual deliveries across your fleet. You’ll be able to demonstrate temperature levels, meet regulatory requirements and respond instantly to new challenges.