About us

FrigoBlock has set the standard in electric transport refrigeration for more than 40 years

FRIGOBLOCK GmbH was founded in 1978 and quickly developed into a leading manufacturer of full electric transport refrigeration units in its native Germany.

In 2015, FRIGOBLOCK became part of TRANE TECHNOLOGIES and now forms an integral part of its Transport Solutions Business as well as a portfolio brand of Thermo King.

The overriding goal of TRANE TECHNOLOGIES, across all its brands, is to improve quality of life for all by creating and sustaining safe, comfortable and efficient environments.

Today, FRIGOBLOCK is one of the leading European suppliers of full electric transport units.

With over 40,000 FRIGOBLOCK full electric transport refrigeration units on the road, FRIGBLOCK has become known for its performance, reliability, economy and environmental responsibility.

FRIGOBLOCK is a brand of Thermo King, a world wide leader in sustainable transport temperature control solutions.

This means that FRIGOBLOCK customers also have access to Thermo King’s expansive dealer network, ensuring a matchless level of expertise andservice availability.

A transport refrigeration leader, paving the way for a full electric world of transport. Visit Thermo King’s website: