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For Quality Reasons 09.2017

For Quality Reasons

With around 1,000 refrigerated trucks, the UK food wholesaler Bidfood supplies more than 45,000 restaurants, schools, hospitals and canteens throughout the UK every day. In order to ensure a constant temperature of the goods at an average of 14 door openings per day, a powerful transport cooling system is required. For 25 years, the company has been using FRIGOBLOCK’s electrically-powered refrigeration units - recently also equipped with innovative inverter technology. PDF

"With the electric-driven FRIGOBLOCK transport refrigeration units, we meet the high demands on transport quality and support the efforts of our company for more sustainability and environmental friendliness."
Graham Rennie, Director of Fleet, Bidfood UK
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Million Saver 04.2017

Million Saver

When it comes to reducing fuel consumption in transport refrigeration, the British food logistics specialist Martin Brower UK comes up with impressive results. Thanks to the use of electric driven FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration units, the company has saved almost 1.9 million litres of gasoil in just 6 years. PDF

"With every additional vehicle, we equip with FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration machines, the gasoil consumption in our fleet is declining."
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Successful with quality 04.2017

Successful with quality

With 18 refrigerated trucks, the wholesale food supplier Mössle (Leipheim/Germany) supplies restaurateurs, bakeries and Catering services on a daily basis with meat, fish, vension and poultry, delicatessen and top-branded ice cream. Powerful FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration units ensure during the entire daily transport that high-quality goods are refrigerated at exact temperatures at all times. Recently, Mössle tested a FRIGOBLOCK with the newest inverter technology.

We mostly deliver in urban areas with many stops and up to 25 door openings a day. So we need the highest cooling capacity to ensure the required temperature in every situation. The FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration units are the most powerful units of their class. This is why they are our first choice
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Poulterer Bosschieter is more than satisfied with FRIGOBLOCK 02.2017

Poulterer Bosschieter is more than satisfied with FRIGOBLOCK

For Bosschieter, a poultry wholesaler, quality and service is of utmost importance. The company offers a comprehensive range of fresh and frozen poultry products.
In third generation, Bosschieter offers its customers a consistent service. In a market where flexibility is always required, the company offers a 24/7 service to meet the needs of its customers. PDF

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Cut cost, improve climate 09.2014

Cut cost, improve climate

Cut costs, safe fuel and reduce emissions – the food logistics specialist Frévial in the northern French Departement of Oise is making great efforts to kill three birds with one stone. The alternator driven refrigeration machines of Frigoblock play a major part in this effort. PDF

"The normal diesel engines driving refrigeration equipment only attain industrial engine standard and can never match the lower emission limits of modern truck engines. In addition to the lower CO2 emissions, the Frigoblock refrigeration machine help us improve our environmental performance with all other emissions as well.”
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