FRIGOBLOCK Grosskopf GmbH founded as kuk kunststoff- und kältetechnik Grosskopf GmbH in 1978, quickly developed into the number one manufacturer of transport refrigeration machines in Germany. The name FRIGOBLOCK became the brand name for unsurpassed powerful, environmentally friendly and cost-saving transport refrigeration machines. This was one of the reasons why FRIGOBLOCK, in 1991, became part of the company’s name. Today, FRIGOBLOCK Grosskopf GmbH is the third-largest European supplier of transport refrigeration machines. With a workforce of 150 at the headquarters in Essen, Germany, the company produces up to 2,500 high-capacity refrigeration machines a year. 

Today, over 40,000 FRIGOBLOCK transport refrigeration machines give reliable service on roads throughout Europe. Over 150 professional partners provide service to FRIGOBLOCK customers all over Europe; maintaining and repairing the machines to ensure a high level of availability. FRIGOBLOCK – a synonym of focus on customers, performance, reliability, economy and environmental friendliness. 


Managing director:
Business segment:
On 1st July 1978 as kuk kunststoff- und kältetechnik Grosskopf GmbH
In 1991 to FRIGOBLOCK Grosskopf GmbH
O.Finckh, P. Johannesen
abt. 150
Essen, Germany
Development, production and sale of the most powerful, most economical
and most environmentally friendly transport refrigeration machines
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