1. How is cargo chilled?
2. How is cold generated?
3. What is the energy source?
4. What happens in the load?


1. How is cargo chilled?
The goods and the body are cooled to the required temperature at the logistics centre and then the goods are loaded into the truck. Transport refrigeration machines maintain the goods at the required temperature during transporation. The machine can quickly restore the temperature by cooling or heating. The goods in the truck body are maintained at the target temperature by refrigeration and a constant airflow around the goods.

2. How is cold produced?
Cooling during transport is provided by a refrigeration circuit in which a refrigerant circulates. Heat is extracted from or added to the truck body by changes of pressure and the physical condition of the refrigerant from liquid to gas or from gas to liquid. More

3. Where does the energy come from?
To maintain the refrigeration circuit in operation, electricity to drive the components is needed. The electricity is either supplied by the FRIGOBLOCK alternator or from the electric mains. Like an electric generator, the alternator is integrated in the belt drive of the truck engine. As the truck engine speeds up, the rotary frequency of the alternator increases. This makes the frequency of the electricity variable. The inverter modulates the electricity of the alternator in such a way that the downstream components (electric motors for compressor and fans) can operate at constant frequency at a point of load with optimum efficiency. More

4. What happens inside the loading space?
The temperatures in the loading space are exposed to several effects, for example:
  • Frequency and duration of door openings
  • Outside temperature
  • Body size
  • Body insulation
  • Temperature and thermal capacity of the transported goods
  • Ability of the refrigeration appliance to cool / heat the loading space to the required temperature quickly
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