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Highest capacity with lowest consumption of energy, highest reliability and unsurpassed ease of maintenance and repair are the root factors of the profitability of modern transport refrigeration equipment. Anyone looking at the total cost of ownership is bound to hit upon FRIGOBLOCK. Up to 75 % lower fuel cost than for a diesel driven refrigeration machine already at less than 2,000 hours a year are unmistakable indicators of the profitability of a FRIGOBLOCK. The FRIGOBLOCK is particularly efficient to operate on drawbar combinations because the alternator of the truck engine supplies the required energy to both the refrigeration machine of the prime mover and the trailer. This saves investment and operating cost.

In addition the short down-time due to the easy access to all components of the refrigeration system even when the truck is loaded, or if a defect must be repaired ot is possible to quickly exchange of the complete refrigeration machine within a few minutes.. And, last but not least, the extremely high quality of transportation and reliability of the FRIGOBLOCK generates satisfaction among customers and creates the preconditions for the sustainable success of your company. PDF


by the example of a transport refrigeration machine with 7,000 – 8,000 W refrigeration capacity at -20/+30°C

 Cost analysis
  Diesel drive
3l/h fuel consumtption
Mains operation
12 kW/h power consumption
Operating hours per year
Energy cost per year (competitor)
2,000 hrs
6,600 €
2,000 hrs
3,120 €
4,000 hrs
9,720 €

FRIGOBLOCK alternator system
Fuel saving (FK 13 + G 17)
50 % less fuel cost for
alternator use whilst driving
3,300 €
30 % less energy cost on
mains operation with truck engine turned off
  2,184 €  
Total FRIGOBLOCK energy cost per annum     5,484 €
Energy cost savings: 1 year 4,236 €
Energy cost savings: 4 years 16,944 €


Priceper I/diesel (net) Priceper kWh (net) Refrigerationmachine life (years) Diesel operating hoursper year Operating hours on mains supplyper year
1,100 0.130 4 2,000 2,000
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