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FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration machines are driven electrically. The energy is produced by an alternator that is powered directly by the truck engine. This is not only cost-saving but also ecologically more compatible than the conventional separate diesel engine drive: For the same refrigeration capacity, FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration machines consume up to 50 % less fuel and emit 50 % less CO2 than conventional diesel-driven transport refrigeration machines. The newly developed inverter technology and the FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration hybrid system, in combination with large heat exchange surfaces, a 2-step refrigeration circuit and a 4-way heat pump defrost function, further reduce CO2 emissions by up to 84 % compared with diesel-powered refrigeration machines.

Thanks to alternator drive and low pressure levels in the refrigeration system, FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration machines emit very little noise. Despite that, the high refrigeration capacity of the FRIGOBLOCK reliably holds the target temperature even if the truck door is opened frequently . The engine can be turned off when goods are unloaded – a major advantage and not only for night-time delivery.

Last but not least, the FRIGOBLOCK stands out for use of the environmentally compatible refrigerant. The refrigerant R410A which is used in each FRIGOBLOCK refrigeration machine is harmless to the ozone in the atmosphere and has a lower GWP (Link) than any other refrigerant used in closed transport refrigeration systems. At the same time, the specific energy consumption of the R410A is very low, which is also an environmental benefit.
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