EK 25 SL
+ RE 44-2

Split-refrigeration machines

Main features

Compact, space-saving split-refrigeration machine

Flat evaporator with only 100 to 160 mm height. Maximum through-loading height in loading space.

dual-flow evaporator of 2,160 mm width

Optional 2-speed control for low noise and fast run mode

Low noise due to large, slow-speed fans

Little maintenance due to hard-wearing components

Long life

Environmentally compatible refrigerant R410A

Multi-compartment trucks optionally with 4-way heat pump control for short defrost cycles

Technical specifications

For particularly low body heights or trailers in the medium and heavy classes of approx. 6 - 8 m and more inside length for heavy distribution service and certain temperature requirements as well as multi-compartment distribution.

EK 25 SL


Effective refrigeration
at +30°C
ambient temperature
Box temperature at ±0°C 23,300 W
Box temperature at -20°C 13,100 W
Box temperature at -30°C 8,500 W
Heating output
Electric heating 11,600 W
H-CFC R410A -
Refrigerant compressor
Cylinder 4 -
Displacement 48.8 m³/h
Speed 1,750 rpm
Electric motor
Output 13 kW
Speed 2,900 rpm
Heat exchange surface 70.2
Axial fan Ø 440/386 mm
Height 525 mm
Width 1,095 mm
Depth 645 mm
Capacity 24 kVA
Mains operation
Fuse (slow) 35 A
Refrigeration machine 184 kg
Alternator 98 kg
Approx. 2% capacity reduction has always to be considered per m of pipe run.
Standard with electrical heating/defrost. For multi evaporator systems hotgas is optional.

Technical specifications at 60% of the truck engine rated speed, 400/415 V, 50 Hz.
Specifications are subject to change.

RE 44-2

Dual flow
Air volume 7,000 m³/h
Throw, without duct 6-7 m
Radial fan Ø x H 355x100 (4x) mm
Motor output 4x250 W
Heat exchange surface 66.1
Heating / defrost
“in single-compartment service electric heating, in multi-compartment
service optionally with 4-way heat pump control (hot gas)”
H-CFC R410A -
Height* 140 mm
Width 1,020 mm
Depth 2,160 mm
Flat evaporator 92 kg
Can be used as additional evaporator for size 25
*40 mm retractable into roof
Specifications are subject to change.
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